Author: Joseph Shaffery


Designer’s Fiesta – A day of design talks in Hackney

Last week I attended a day of talks in East London. This is the first time that I have used a more sketch based approach to my note taking. Here is my experience of the day in form of sketch notes.       


16 takeaways from Camp Digital 2016

Last year I attended the Camp Digital UX conference in Manchester, UK. It was a day of seminars delivered by industry experts. See my review of Camp Digital 2015 here. I was very impressed and a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take my team, and some others who work in UX and design within the organisation. This year the...


Inside Stanford’s

A few (12) years ago I was lucky enough to work at IDEO in London for a couple of weeks. Colin Burns was leading IDEO Europe at the time and he made me feel welcome and inspired. I was given a window into creativity and innovation. I learned that visualising lots of ideas was very valuable and that a lot of the...


Create the perfect macro image using focus stacking in Photoshop

A big passion of mine is photography and I love using new tools and learning new techniques to gain a better image. Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting with focus stacking and want to share with you what I have found. Focus stacking (also known as focal plane merging, z-stacking or focus blending) allows you to take multiple images (each focused slightly differently) and...


Back to the future… today, but what about tomorrow?

For anyone who has seen The movie Back to the future II, you may remember that Marty McFly, Jennifer and Doc Brown travel in time to 2015, 21 October to be precise- today! Filmed in 1989, predicting 26 years into the future is no mean feat. Some things aren’t quite there but concepts of video conferencing and Apple TV voice commands are...

The biggest news in iPad since iPad 4

Apple September 2015 – Products redefined

I love Apple products. They help me live my life. Other products would do the same but Apple make you feel that they are special. The September 2015 launch started with this “Helping our users live a better day” and through my experience (others may not agree), Apple live up to this with the user experience that flows from hardware to software, from...


Whole brain thinking – Introduction

Some people dream up futuristic concepts, others enjoy working with processes and procedures, some are great with people and others solve problems. Most have a combination. We are all different, both in the way we look but also in the way we think. This article explores a thinking preference model; the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) or Whole Brain Thinking. This model...


In-house design thinking

I have been working on this article for a while, researching similar processes and the origins of them. I have looked at UX (User Experience) tools, UCD (User Centred Design), HCD (Human Centered Design), design thinking, lean UX… the list goes on! – there is a lot of information out there. I am in the industry and still struggle to differentiate between...

designing for the human brain 1

10 ways to design for the human brain

Last week I attended a brilliant day of training by Jon Dixon at Bunnyfoot in London.The day was about applying key principles to design for people’s natural thinking processes. These principles work across personas and demographics. A lot was covered in a short space of time and I have taken my top ten points from the day to share. 1. Faces attract...