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Inside Stanford’s

A few (12) years ago I was lucky enough to work at IDEO in London for a couple of weeks. Colin Burns was leading IDEO Europe at the time and he made me feel welcome and inspired. I was given a window into creativity and innovation. I learned that visualising lots of ideas was very valuable and that a lot of the...


Whole brain thinking – Introduction

Some people dream up futuristic concepts, others enjoy working with processes and procedures, some are great with people and others solve problems. Most have a combination. We are all different, both in the way we look but also in the way we think. This article explores a thinking preference model; the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) or Whole Brain Thinking. This model...


Coaching, the design thinking way

  So design thinking is a process followed for years by designers. More recently this has been brought to board rooms. The skills taught at design school are very much at home when designing and shaping new areas for business. Put quite simply design thinking is built of three phases… Discover  Learn everything about and around a brief. Observe what the users...


A coffee away helps you work rest and play… and work in a much more motivated, innovative way.

Our tech team is broken into small, multidisciplinary teams, each working on a piece of the software product. Developers, user experience, designers, business analysts and quality assurance work closely with consultants, sales and specialists along with the clients themselves. One team always seems to be innovating, as well as delivering quickly without dropping quality. The team is dynamic and always produces a...


Creative confidence – David Kelley TED talk

Creativity should not be limited to designers. A lot of people believe that they cannot be creative… but everyone can! David Kelley (IDEO) talks about “Creative Confidence” with some interesting examples. Learn more about creative confidence.


Realising dreams and setting goals

  Everybody has dreams but not everyone realises those dreams, in fact, many people don’t even come close! I have just finished reading a book by Dr Steve Peters, “The Chimp Paradox. The mind management programme for confidence, success and happiness.” I found it a fascinating book that really helps you to understand why we think in the way that we do...