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Back to the future… today, but what about tomorrow?

For anyone who has seen The movie Back to the future II, you may remember that Marty McFly, Jennifer and Doc Brown travel in time to 2015, 21 October to be precise- today! Filmed in 1989, predicting 26 years into the future is no mean feat. Some things aren’t quite there but concepts of video conferencing and Apple TV voice commands are...

The biggest news in iPad since iPad 4

Apple September 2015 – Products redefined

I love Apple products. They help me live my life. Other products would do the same but Apple make you feel that they are special. The September 2015 launch started with this “Helping our users live a better day” and through my experience (others may not agree), Apple live up to this with the user experience that flows from hardware to software, from...


Inside Rolls Royce – The Saatchi Gallery get “interactive” right!

As I child I had a favourite car. It was not the usual choice of a ten year old in the early nineties- it was a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. The love for this car was one of the reasons that my career is now in the design industry. When I learned about the Saatchi Gallery in West London hosting an exhibition...