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Camp Digital- Top 10 insights from the day

Manchester hosts a UX conference covering “Design Thinking”, “Lean UX”, “Agile” and other elements of design and UX. Last week, I went to Manchester for the Camp Digital UX conference. An intense day filled with talks and discussions- great insight and great value for money. As described on the Camp Digital website “Camp Digital is an inspirational conference that brings together the...


Hello my name is Paul Smith

  Christmas day 2014, a very small present under the tree from my brother and sister. I opened the paper to find a small black envelope, inside this a pair of cufflinks with coloured stripes that could only be Paul Smith. My siblings knew that this present would mean more to me than most.   As a product designer by education and...


The distracter test

Engagement… I hear the word engagement a lot. In the world of e-commerce, the key performance indicators are pretty clear: sell more. Return on investment is measurable; what is the overall spend against the income. OK, it is quite a bit more complicated than this but the overall concept is pretty clear! Now take a look at websites that are not selling anything....


Branding without integrity is just a marketing exercise and not branding at all!

Last week I attended the Customer Experience Summit in London – a chance to see and hear market experts talk about good and bad customer experiences and best practice. Louise Cooper, Times columnist and blogger at started the keynotes with customer experiences at Primark and Tesco amongst others (read on her blog). It was a great start to a day that...


Inside Rolls Royce – The Saatchi Gallery get “interactive” right!

As I child I had a favourite car. It was not the usual choice of a ten year old in the early nineties- it was a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. The love for this car was one of the reasons that my career is now in the design industry. When I learned about the Saatchi Gallery in West London hosting an exhibition...


Jonathan Ive at the Design Museum, London

Sir Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc. and arguably the most influential industrial designer around today appears in conversation with Design Museum Director, Deyan Sudjic, in an evening devoted to the future of design. A really great evening, as I have grown to expect at the Design Museum! I want to share some of his quotes… About user...


A coffee away helps you work rest and play… and work in a much more motivated, innovative way.

Our tech team is broken into small, multidisciplinary teams, each working on a piece of the software product. Developers, user experience, designers, business analysts and quality assurance work closely with consultants, sales and specialists along with the clients themselves. One team always seems to be innovating, as well as delivering quickly without dropping quality. The team is dynamic and always produces a...


Creative confidence – David Kelley TED talk

Creativity should not be limited to designers. A lot of people believe that they cannot be creative… but everyone can! David Kelley (IDEO) talks about “Creative Confidence” with some interesting examples. Learn more about creative confidence.


Realising dreams and setting goals

  Everybody has dreams but not everyone realises those dreams, in fact, many people don’t even come close! I have just finished reading a book by Dr Steve Peters, “The Chimp Paradox. The mind management programme for confidence, success and happiness.” I found it a fascinating book that really helps you to understand why we think in the way that we do...